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8-9 Seater Minibus Hire

Travel Eaze excels in the provision of dependable 8-9 seat minibus hire services to different travel groups in Rugby. We have a modern minibus fleet and we offer customer services at the lowest rates.

When you and your 9 passenger group lands in Rugby, you expect a smooth flow of events on your schedule. But first, it’s important to look for a trusted taxi operator whose 8-9 seat minibus hire services are highly preferred and reputable. Talking to Travel Eaze is one of those moves that will ensure your stay and travel in Rugby is hassle free. There are many taxi operators who will woo you with all manner of promises. Unfortunately, they end up disappointing you after taking your money.

Sophisticated 9-Seater Minibus Models

You can be in Rugby for business or leisure with your office group or family. We will make the itinerary as fruitful as possible. What we do is offer you the best and the most sophisticated 9-seater minibus models. We literally allow you to pick and switch between different models. If you are looking for a one-day travel plan in Kenilworth or Nuneaton, we have the best rates. For travellers wishing to stay and tour the city for some days or weeks, we have an affordable contract with flexible terms and conditions. What we don’t do is to take advantage of your group just because you are new or you come from a non-English speaking background.

Purpose Built Minibuses

8-9 seat minibus hire vehicles in your fleet are purposely built to provide your small group comfort and safety on the road. We procure our MPVS from reputable brand names such as Mercedes and Ford. We give you complete peace of mind knowing that your minibus will not break down in the middle of nowhere. Our competitors will outsource some generic minibus models that can’t bear the heavy load and long distance travel. We understand that you can run into problems, and we install GPS tools to alert us any time you get stranded. We will dispatch help as soon as possible in Daventry and Hinckley.

Entertainment Accessories and Features

Other than the spacious interiors and the luxury on board the 8-9 seater minibuses, Travel Eaze offers entertainment accessories and features. These minibuses come fitted with DVD players, music surround systems, LCD screens, Wi-Fi and video games. Additional comfort accessories include air-conditioning, reclining seats, drink and cup holders among others. We listen keenly to what you prefer to have on board and we deliver accordingly.

Highly Maintained and Serviced

When we guarantee your safety on the road, we know that our 8-9 seat minibus hire vehicles are highly maintained and serviced. We designate highly trained, certified and expert MPV drivers. We enhance your safety and that of your belongings by hiring DBS screened drivers. We value your safety and wellbeing. At the same time, Travel Eaze makes sure that you don’t have to worry about the traffic, parking or the tricky routes to your hotel or home. We have drivers whose knowledge of Rugby and its surroundings is exceptional. Call us from your address any time or request us to get you to the convention and we will do so without calling to verify directions. Contact us.

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