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Minibus Hire Nuneaton

Talk to Travel Eaze in Nuneaton and enjoy professionally managed and affordable taxi travel packages. We operate a superior fleet of modern vehicles, and our drivers have skills polished over 15 years.

Does your current taxi service provider in Nuneaton offer you dependable, time conscious and 24-hour taxi services? If not, Travel Eaze is always ready to fill in the gap. We have been providing first class taxi services for different clients in the last 15 years. We have excelled, and our customer base keeps swelling. We attribute our success to the undying commitment to offer high quality services that offer customers vale for money every time. We treat you with respect, and we never sleep until you are satisfied with the individual or group travel services that we render.

Packages That Fit a Variety of Needs and Budgets

Travel Eaze specializes in the provision of solo and group taxi. We will work extra hard to ensure we offer you a custom executive taxi package if you want to tour Nuneaton in style. We have a unique fleet of VIP taxis, but we won’t deny you the chance to travel in your desired custom mode. Our competitors will offer one type of executive taxi, but we will spoil you with choices. You don’t have to pay extra to enjoy the custom package.

Fast Taxi Nuneaton Services

The moment you require fast taxi Nuneaton services to move from point A to B, Travel Eaze will be there at a moment’s notice. You might think that we rely on third party providers to deliver, but we have the resources needed to get you moving in total comfort. Our drivers know the area in and out. After you call, we will come to your address or location in less than 30 minutes. Our fleet is enough for your entourage even if you are traveling in six groups of 18 passengers.

8-9 Seater Minibus Hire

The smallest option in our fleet is the 8-9 seater minibus hire vehicle. We offer the best chance for your family or wedding troupe to travel on comfort. The leg room is sufficient and the minibus comes with a sophisticated design-in and out. You will leave a lasting impression anywhere you go.

10-12 Seat Minibus Hire

Come to Travel Eaze and get a competitive package, if you pick the 10-12 seat minibus hire option. We give your group the chance to share the costs. This minibus lets you do away with the hassle of squeezing yourselves into the 9 seater minibus.

14-16 Seater Minibus Hire

Travel Eaze gives your group guarantees where safety and peace of mind are concerned. We offer trained and seasoned drivers. The safety features including safety belts, airbags, speed limiters and a robust suspension guarantee you that your trip will be smooth all the way.

16-18 Seater Minibus Hire Option

The 16-18 seater minibus has a special design built to withstand long distance travel while carrying a huge load. Ours isn’t the conventional minibus but a sturdily built minibus that will tackle rugged terrain with ease. You can use the bus for school trips, football events or as an airport taxi for your church or company entourage.

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