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Minibus Hire Kenilworth

Travel Eaze provides exceptional taxi travel packages that enable you and your group to tour Kenilworth conveniently and in style. We have a diverse fleet of luxury sedans and minibuses. Our rates are pocket friendly.

If you or your corporate group is heading to Kenilworth. It’s important that you have an elaborate travel plan. The array of private travel services you get from Travel Eaze will fit your needs perfectly. Travel Eaze takes every customer request seriously. We don’t treat you with bias even if you are a solo traveller looking for one taxi. The moment you require VIP taxi service; we know how to provide them. We rely on a fleet that helps you or your team make the impression everywhere you stop. Chose our services and enjoy the suitability of our vehicles for any event or occasion. Even if you are a new/foreign group in Kenilworth, we will treat you professionally and without exploitation.

What You Get From Us

Executive Taxi

Turn to elite if the VIP taxi services you have been getting in Kenilworth aren’t satisfactory and refined. We offer world class VIP services complete with dedicated VIP chauffeurs. Executives and leisure travellers who want the classy type of travel in the city come to us for quick solutions. We make sure that the exclusive services aren’t prohibitive in cost. Don’t worry even if you are traveling in a group of 16 passengers. We have executive minibus models that will fit your needs.

Taxi Kenilworth

Come to elite if you are looking for appropriate taxi services for different needs, we offer travel plans that fit all the events and occasion you might have in mind. Our sedans and minibuses will help you travel to a concert, support event, corporate meet, or a party in town. The prices will blow our mind.

8-9 Seat Minibus Hire

This minibus option fits a small entourage that wants to skip the cost of fuel, or hiring multiple minibuses. Travel Eaze has minibuses that can help you create a convoy if you want to run a brand campaign. We offer discounts if you hire more than 5 minibuses.

10-12 Seat Minibus Hire

Travel Eaze provides this option to groups that want safety and security assurances on the road. Our chauffeurs have 15 years of experience driving similar vehicles on local roads. We have installed GPS trackers to keep up with your movement in real time. We know if you are stranded and we dispatch a rescue unit fast.

14-16 Seater Minibus Hire

This option will suffice if you want remarkable airport pickup experiences for your 14 passenger group. We offer a stable and perfectly adorned minibus that comes with a chauffeur.

16-18 Seat Minibus Hire

A 16-18 seater minibus will offer more benefits that the smaller 9 seater vehicle. You can accommodate double the number of passengers and you will enjoy a highly maintained minibus. These vehicles come with enhanced accessories, wheelchair access and they are fit for all weather and terrain. We can turn it into your dream airport taxi for the 8 passengers in your group. Call us today.

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